Self Service Sanitary Bins

Saving Costs on Sanitary Bins is Easy

Saving Costs on Sanitary Bins is Easy

As businesses go back to the new "normal" during the different Covid-19 Alert Levels many of you will be looking to decrease overheads.

One way is to stop paying service fees to have sanitary bins cleared. You can purchase and service your own sanitary bins. This photo shows just how easy and hygienic it is for someone to clear the sanitary bins. 

You can keep your washrooms clean and hygienic for a fraction of the cost of on-going service fees. You'll only be paying for refill liners on an as and when needed basis. This means that when your washrooms are not being used as frequently you won't have a fee to pay.

We support small New Zealand businesses as we are one ourselves, therefore, we provide free delivery to anywhere in New Zealand.


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