Self Service Sanitary Bins

About Us

Self Service Sanitary Bins is wholly-owned by Clean Up Limited. Clean Up Limited are a commercial cleaning business trading as FSG we also offer a full range of washroom services.

Save costs providing stylish and hygienic sanitary bins on your site. It is a myth that you need to pay monthly service fees and rent sanitary disposal bins off companies with specialists to clear the bins into special waste deposits. This is just not true. You can easily install and service the Pod Petite sanitary bin yourself.

Going DIY with your own sanitary bins doesn't mean a compromise in the level of hygiene and convenience for people using the sanitary bins. The Pod Petite is an award winning design which will complement your washroom and provide a hygienic pleasant experience for users. You can determine how frequently you need to clear the sanitary disposal bin depending on seasonal demands or fluctuations in washroom usage. You’ll save by not having to pay for on-going service fees in the times you don’t need them and avoid being surcharged for extra service fees when your washrooms are busier.

Of course, if you want the option of a full service washroom programme then please visit


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