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HYscent Solo - Black


HYscent Solo - Black
HYscent Solo - Black HYscent Solo - Black HYscent Solo - Black

A compact fragrancing solution for small to medium size spaces

Portable, sleek and very effective, the HYscent Solo is the go to solution to bring the highest quality fragrancing to smaller spaces. Not only can the Solo be mounted on a wall, but its portability offers unlimited options for use...

From the restroom to the office cubicle, the Solo is the most versatile of fragrancing devices.

HYscent fragrances are made from natural fragrance and essential oils and are synergistically formulated with Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odors.

The HYscent Solo can fragrance a space of up to 220 sq. ft. The installation and placement of the Solo is paramount to achieving maximum coverage.

SOLO Dimensions W: 4.50” (114mm) D: 3.19” (81mm)

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